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Whilst we know it may not be rocket science, we do know the art of hanging needs a keen eye and artistic skill. We offer both and guarantee that we will get your items hung correctly, the first time, every time.

We have a great understanding of all surfaces, materials and load bearing capacity.... basically how stuff works.

We have the latest tools and gadgets, equipping us for any kind of installation and ensuring no mishaps. We won’t drill into your water pipes or electrical conduits nor leave your walls resembling a second hand dart board.

Besides the ability to hang or suspend anything, we take enormous pride in the precision and expertise of any installation we do. No Commission is too large or too small.

Years of experience with residential and commercial projects have gained us an unrivalled reputation in the industry.

We work quietly, quickly and with great care. We minimise disruption during office hours and work with discretion after hours. If you need us on weekends, we’re there, and we’ll work through the night should you need us to, leaving no trace of materials or drill dust.

Personal, professional, efficient and reliable, we believe in a one on one approach with all our clients. Our Goal is simple - We want to provide the optimal placement solution, secure and appropriate installation and the best experience for our client, every time.


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Picture Hanging Pros
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